Patient Review by George S

I'm seventy years old (but I look 69) and had lapsed my dental care over the last fifteen years due to other more pressing medical needs. Try this on for size. My first visit I had three cracked molars remove, a root canal, several cavities, and some rebuilding of my front teeth due to gum recession. Piece of cake. I opted for sedation for several very legitimate health reasons, mostly fear, and to be able to have multi-procedures in one session. Dr. Mercado and her staff already feel like old friends and they treated me accordingly. The entire four hours were painless, relaxing and, more importantly, the results were really very impressive. Dr. Mercado is the best dentist I have met. I'm not finished yet but now have no trepidation about going back and look forward seeing the staff and visiting. Oh, and fixing whatever still needs to be fixed. Believe it when I say that you should run, not walk, to Monarch for whatever it is that needs to be done. A++

- George S

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