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Monarch Dentistry of Gold Hill

5 out of 5 stars based on 175 reviews.

Patient Review by erika s


- erika s

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Patient Review by Valerie Y

Great appointment. Very thorough and informative. No waiting, and time carved out just for me.

- Valerie Y

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Patient Review by marian y

My whole experience at monarch dentristy was wonderful. I have extreme fear of dentists and dr mercado was very gentle and thoroughly explained everything she was doing. She made me very comfortable.

- marian y

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Patient Review by roberta n

Extremely relaxing friendly and thorough

- roberta n

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Patient Review by kathleen w

Very plesant office and staff. Wonderful Doctor

- kathleen w

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Patient Review by Kimberley S

Very professional and excellent empathy! A bit expensive but very good quality.

- Kimberley S

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Patient Review by Ronnie Y

Very friendly staff and excellent care!

- Ronnie Y

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Patient Review by jim h

Enjoyed my first visit to dentist in awile very informative

- jim h

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Patient Review by Todd M

Fantastic staff and facilities.

- Todd M

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Patient Review by William Leggitt L

Great visit! Exceed my expections

- William Leggitt L

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Patient Review by kim a

Very pleased with all phases and staff.

- kim a

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Patient Review by Cindy D

Cindy was truly amazed ! We are both quite intuitive , and we could both feel the love. Cindy and I have been telling everyone about you, Great location , best atmosphere I have ever seen in this area, get ready as you are going to get busy.

- Cindy D

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Patient Review by Haley W

Dr. Mercado is an absolutely wonderful dentist! She truly has a passion for dentistry unlike any other dentist I had ever met. She has a very thorough new patient exam, and throughout the the whole entire exam she showed me images of my teeth, let me know about perio charting and how important it is, and I have never been to another dentist that does such a thorough exam as her. She is very kind, and patient with each and every patient that comes into her office and is concerned with there needs. I had to get my first shot in the mouth and I am absolutely terrified of needles and Dr. Mercado made me very comfortable and I never even felt the shot. She truly is a wonderful dentist and I would most certainly recommend her to anyone!!

- Haley W

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Patient Review by Cassandra C

This was a genuinely great experience from beginning to end! Scheduling my appointment was extremely easy. I recieved a text notification the week of my appointment as a gentle reminder of my appointment (which I love because I am forgetful sometimes!) I then recieved another text the morning of my appointment stating, "We are looking forward to your appointment...." this not only was yet another gentle reminder but also let me know that I was valued. When I walked in I was greeted by a very beautiful lobby area. Very rustic yet a relaxing atmosphere I had to take a second look because I thought I may have walked into a spa not a dental office. I was then greeted kindly by Hayley. She asked if I filled out my paper work on the website which I had and thought was very convenient because it didn't waste time with me sitting and filling out paperwork. I then had xrays taken. And was escorted to my room. Which again looked as though it were a spa with the beautiful decor. Dr. Mercado was amazing! After looking at my xrays and going over my health history with me. She gave me a full dental exam. Then took some photo's intraorally to show me up close the conditions of all my prior fillings. As well as some photos of me smiling and what not because I'm interested in veneers. She also discussed with me the many options based on my financial need and what my expectations are. Post exam I was given a warm lavernder aroma therapy towel to wipe my hands and face. And as I was leaving I was given a very unique and delightful hygiene kit. The standard toothbrush toothpaste and floss but instead of a bag it was in a tumbler with the Monarch logo on it. This was by far the best dental experience I have ever had. And i will be returning and sending every person I encouter to this office. Thank you Dr. Mercado and staff of Monarch Dentistry!!!!

- Cassandra C

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Patient Review by Brett C

Dr. Mercado (Teresa) is the best dentist I’ve ever had! She was my dentist in Newark, CA for more than 7 years and I couldn’t have been happier in her professional care. In addition to being a highly-skilled dentist, she showed the ability to hire and retain well qualified, pleasant and enthusiastic staff members. I am a particularly discerning client, and I really appreciated the attention to detail she and her staff provided. The office was always immaculate. I was always greeted on arrival by my first name and her office ran efficiently and on-time - a welcome rarity in my previous experience. All procedures and their costs were described to me clearly and accurately - billings to insurance were handled easily and without any fuss. Excellent!

- Brett C

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