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May 2016


ARE YOU EMBARRASSED OR SELF-CONSCIOUS about your smile? If so, you’re not alone. Perhaps you’re one of the millions of adults who would love to have straighter teeth, but you feel like you’ve missed the chance.

A Different Way of Viewing Orthodontic Treatment

Do you instinctively cover your mouth when you laugh, talk or smile? Many people feel trapped because they don’t want to wear metal braces as adults. Or, they’re concerned that correcting the problem will be invasive or cost prohibitive.

Now, there’s an effective, affordable, safe solution for cosmetic braces that will fit your lifestyle.

Six Month Smiles® is a short-term orthodontic treatment that’s a modern twist on traditional orthodontics. This system has taken the best aspects of traditional braces and modified the materials and treatment to give adults an alternative cosmetic solution.

Here’s Why Six Month Smiles Is So Innovative…

  • Typical treatment time is just six months!
  • Clear brackets and tooth-colored wires are hardly visible!
  • Our patient tray kits ensure fast and comfortable reservsations.
  • The Six Month Smiles system is usually less expensive than veneers or traditional braces.

Two Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Question: “So how are teeth actually straightened in just six months?”
Answer: This system employs the latest clear adult braces technology to move teeth safely and quickly. Also, its focus is primarily on those teeth that show when you smile, which shortens the treatment time.

Question: “Will I still have a mouth full of metal braces?”
Answer: Nada. Six Month Smiles uses clear braces that are barely visible.

Visit With Us to Determine If the Six Month Smiles System Is Right for You

As your lifelong oral healthcare partner, it’s important that we make the best decisions together about all treatments. We want to be sure you have ALL of your questions answered, and that we determine together that you’re a great candidate before you consider this treatment.

So call us to make a reservation and we’ll discuss Six Month Smiles in more detail.  Thank you, as always, for placing your trust in our practice.  We appreciate you!  Fort Mill Office Phone Number 803-547-7779.

April 2016

In today’s dental environment, patients are demanding improved dental health and appearance — including natural-looking tooth-colored restorations, porcelain veneers, and modern solutions to enhance their dental esthetics.

Modern dental materials and techniques make it possible to achieve excellent clinical results for natural tooth-colored restorations. Not only can we provide natural tooth-colored restorations, this procedure actually strengthens the remaining tooth structure. This procedure allows dentists to provide a more conservative treatment alternative with lasting results.

Nash Institute for Dental Learning logoDr. Teresa T. Mercado has completed an extensive postgraduate program in Cosmetic and Esthetic Techniques and Full Mouth Rehabilitation at the Nash Institute for Dental Learning in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pursuing the most modern and sophisticated dental materials, technology, and methods, demonstrates Dr. Mercado’s personal and professional commitment to practicing the finest, longest-lasting dentistry as well as providing the highest level of exceptional care to her patients.

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