Phenomenal Aire Technology

For our patient’s and employees’ safety, Monarch Dentistry of Gold Hill has added “Phenomenal Aire” – Cold Plasma Generator Technology to our current HVAC systems.

This added technology kills pathogens (Viruses) and germs while eliminating odors from the air we breathe, without creating any harmful byproducts.

Along with our standard precautions, this added technology will help in the current battle against COVID-19 and all harmful airborne pathogens.

How Phenomenal Aire Works:

Phenomenal Aire creates a plasma field within an HVAC system. As air flows through the field molecules are changed, creating ions. These positive ions and negative ions then naturally scrub the passing air. The ions then travel on into the living space, where they safely kill mold viruses and bacteria.

Once you step into the lobby you will notice the same feeling you get when hiking on a high mountain trail or strolling along the ocean shore…

Certificate of Recognition for indoor air quality

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